Software for service companies

Software for service companies is been our business for 30 years. Because of our experience and knowhow we know that the implementation of software for service companies can have a big impact on the various responsibilities within a service company.  And we know that software for service companies will increase the efficiency in service companies. If you're considering the implementation of software for service companies we're the perfect partner because of our experience in our and in the serivice business.

Why you should choose offimac as your partner for service software

Software with ready-to-use Modules

Our software for service companies offers many ready-to-use modules specifically developed for service companies. The modules are making it possible to ensure a faster implementation and offer a proven succesful way of working, another advantage is that you don't have to worry about expensive customization costst.

30 years of experience in service companies

With over 30 years of experience is our software for service companies the way to increase your efficiency.

Our people will make the difference

We achieve, based on our human approach, rock-solid qualtiy and succes. 

More quality for a fair price

What's quality? For us, quality means doing more with less. Our software for service companies will contribute to this proces.

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Our customers say

"When it comes to project management, manufacturing, document management or management reporting, Offimac perfectly understands our needs and delivers the solutions we want."

Nadia Jansen
Building Group Jansen

"Thanks to Offimac software we plan and do more than 35.000 service and installation jobs every year. With great succes!"

Jean Paul Van Kerkhoven
Aquacare International