Business Intelligence: Power BI

Get more information out of your systems and data. Maintain the overview and control of your firm!

For everybody at the head of a department or company it's essential to have acces to the right business information to make the best decisions for their department or company. This information allows you to make the right decisions and it allows you to adjust decissions if needed.

Offimac can provide several affordable management reporting solutions for your company. We can help you build report- and analysis solutions according the needs of your company. This in different kind of forms like lists, reports, graphical dashboards, CPI's, etc,... This from daily to strategic and analytical reporting. With these solutions you and your company will have the right information, the right insights and the sharpest control in hands.

Power BI in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Monitor your progress and your results on a custom configured dashboard in the new Power BI Content Pack. Every user can focus on specific details or reports in by using this pack. They can do this by using their own customized dashboard using filters, KPI's and graphs. This will help you to get a personal perspective of your company and it figures, this is the best way to make the best decisions for your company.

Don't hesitate to make your company more efficient by using the Power BI solution of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Pictures and printscreens of Microsoft Power Business INtelligence (BI) 


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