Offiplan CRM software: user friendly and affordable CRM software!

Do you want your sales people to focus on what is really important?
Do you want less sales administration?

Offiplan CRM software is built on top of Microsoft Outlook, the mailing platform used by almost every company. It adds planning, relationship management, project management, forecasting and sales funnels to Outlook. And it synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, To Do and Wunderlist. Find out more on Offiplan CRM software!

CRM software is a must for every company

CRM is the abbreviation of ‘Customer Relationship Management’, and CRM software is software for the Sales, Marketing and Service departments.

CRM software for sales helps sellers to organize and sell. CRM software for marketing manages marketing action plans. And with CRM for service, the focus is on after-sales service.

Some CRM software is limited to 1 of the 3 departments, other ones have modules for each of these 3. Some CRM software is part of a larger ERP system, certain other CRM solutions are not integrated. So there is a large variation in CRM software, functionally as well as in licensing types.

It is important for you to know which CRM software for which department you want, and from where your collaborators want to work on your system.

CRM software is innovating. You can implement your CRM software in your own company and on your own servers. But you can also rent your cloud CRM software on external servers in an external data center. It doesn’t really matter where the software is physically running, as long as you have access to your cloud CRM on the Internet.

Equally new and financially beneficial in cloud CRM software is that licences do not always have to be bought anymore, but can often be rented and paid for per user per month. 

Another advantage is that most cloud CRM software is so standardized today, that you can quickly become operational without big start-up costs.

CRM software has been on the rise for years, and will continue to do so.

offiplan CRM software: SIMPLE but effective SALES CRM

Since 1982 we make CRM software. Soms features of our Offiplan CRM software are:

1.   Easy to learn and use
2.  No excess trimmings
3.  CRM software which allows its users to focus on sales
4.  Does not overwhelm with information 
5.  Is accessible from anywhere
6.  Offiplan CRM software works on Windows, Android and Apple 
7.  Looks like Microsoft Outlook
8.  Helps sales people to follow up on their customers and prospects
 9.  Can also be used to address specific problems in your company, like task  monitoring or telemarketing

Offiplan CRM software is made up of 4 modules: contacts, tasks, forecast and reporting.

Offiplan CRM software is based on Microsoft technology:

offiplan CRM software makes your sales reps work more efficiently

Offiplan CRM software helps sales people to facilitate their job, to better plan and remember things, with a minimum of administration. And it provides a better overview!

Some advantages of Offiplan CRM software are:

  • Reduces administration to a minimum
  • No duplication of work necessary
  • No software installation on computers or laptops necessary
  • Operational in just days
  • Enables easy switching between devices
  • Good protection of information per seller and per manager
  • Good overview
  • All-embracing reporting for managers

Why Offiplan as your CRM software?

Very recognisable and user-friendly CRM software

Offiplan CRM looks like Microsoft Outlook, a very familiar and recognizable software. This is the reason why users quickly feel at home in the software, and gladly work with it!

Keeps it simple and efficient

Offiplan CRM software was deliberately made as simple as possible by us, because the goal is to have users see the essence of their jobs, and execute this as efficiently as possible. Simplicity and overview further productivity!

Assured of continuity and innovation

Offiplan CRM software is based on Microsoft technology, a firm foundation for continuity which ensures your CRM’s innovation.

CRM software for an unlimited number of users

You can start with 1 user, and upgrade when you want to, Offiplan CRM is not limited in user numbers.

Employable in every sector

Every company wants to sell.  Offiplan CRM helps you to do this!

Can be used completely in the cloud but also on your own servers if you want to

You can install Offiplan CRM software on your own server or rent it in the cloud from us.

You can work wit hit on Windows, Apple and Android

All you need is a web browser in order to use our software.

Ideal for companies with external or temporary staff, or self-employed peope without any staff

More and more companies work with external staff whom they want to give limited access to their ICT. Offiplan CRM is ideal to allow temporary commercial staff in e.g. sales, marketing or telemarketing to collaborate in your organization.


Offiplan CRM software is more affordable than you think. 

How long does it take to implement this CRM software?

Offiplan CRM software can be operational in a day.

KNOW MORE ABOUT offiplan CRM software?

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