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Cloud erp software is trendy

For many companies, cloud ERP software is a new way of thinking, working, and financing. 

ERP is the abbreviation of Enterprise Resource Planning, and is a widely-used term for enterprise software. Cloud ERP stands for the use of ERP software on the Internet. 

What makes ERP special is the fact that it’s an integrated, all-embracing software for your entire company. And the special thing about cloud ERP is that this software usually runs not in your own company anymore, but on the Internet. 

The innovative aspects of cloud ERP are the location where the software physically runs, and the financial formula. On top of that, excellent cloud ERP is also very flexible. 

Cloud ERP software exists in many licencing formats, from purchase to rent. But whereas it was only possible to buy and install software on one’s own servers, lots of cloud ERP software make this possible outside of your company walls. Cloud ERP can be installed in your own company or externally. 

A common financial feature of cloud ERP is the fact that it’s possible to pay per user and per month for the use of the software. Contrary to classical software, for which one has to invest in licences at the initial start-up, cloud ERP allows the start-up costs to be better spread over time, and thus keep the start-up cheaper. 

Another plus is that good cloud ERP software is often so standardized these days that a quick implementation is possible. This too is innovative and financially beneficial. 

A typical feature of all cloud ERP software is that it is always connected to the Internet. 

You can implement your cloud ERP in your own company and on your own servers, which is professionally called a private cloud. The commercially most promoted form of cloud ERP is software which runs completely outside of your company, on external servers in an external datacenter, and which is rented. This is called an external or public cloud. But it doesn’t really matter where the software physically runs. It’s crucial for cloud ERP that people can access it through the Internet. This means that cloud ERP is exceptionally suited to companies with mobile workers. 

Even though the vision on cloud ERP differs in each country, and even though we know that some companies benefit more from cloud ERP than others, cloud ERP will continue to grow, both in its private and its public form.

Our cloud ERP software: eposoft for Dynamics

Our company is active in ERP since 1982, and EPOsoft reflects our many years of experience.

EPsoft cloud ERP is modularly constructed so you can start and extend where and when you want to. What’s more, EPOsoft is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which gives it an extraordinarily solid foundation.

In the video below, you get a sense of what our cloud solution looks like:


cloud ERP software includes the following modules and more:



Order Proposals



Production management

Project management









Hour registration



EPOSOFT cloud increases your efficiency

EPOsoft cloud ERP is a good choice for small and medium-sized enterprises which want to work efficiently, locally or in the cloud. 

Some advantages of EPOsoft cloud ERP software are:
  • Reduces your administration to a minimum
  • Efficiency gains
  • Little to no duplication of work necessary
  • Information is seamlessly shared
  • Requires as little maintenance as possible
  • Shorter reaction times
  • No noeed to wait for information
  • Better overview
  • All-embracing reporting across all departments
  • Helps you to manage your entire company

Why our cloud erp software?

Today, no modern company can get by without ERP

No matter in which sector you’re active, today, you can no longer get by without automation or business software. Instead of purchasing many different software packages, it is better to choose right away an ERP which offers an ample choice of modules, which has a lot of standard features, and in which everything is fully integrated. A platform which allows you to easily grow to more modules, apps, or some custom-made applications if you want to. A future-proof solution. For all of this, EPOsoft cloud ERP is an excellent, reliable choice!

Very recognisable user-friendly cloud ERP

EPOsoft ERP is a Microsoft solution which you will immediately recognize from other applications. Thanks to this recognition, users feel comfortable with it right away, and quickly find their way around the software. And the better the recognition, the better the usage! Moreover, you can completely adapt the screens to your own wishes, so you too can do everything to increase the user-friendliness.

Assured of continuity and innovation

EPOsoft is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Microsoft guarantees a safe future for your investment, and provides innovation, growth, and continuity. Microsoft is a reassuring ERP choice for each manager.

Default intagration with Microsoft Office

Worldwide, a great many companies are using Microsoft Office products. EPOsoft integrates seamlessly with Word, Excel and Outlook, and makes sure that you can easily exchange information between your ERP and Office. Working with EPOsoft cloud ERP is a delight!

Is being sold and supported in over 100 countries

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP is being sold in many countries, and its accounting features are automatically adapted to the local legislation of those countries. This means that EPOsoft can be bought in many countries, and be uniformly set up for you. Partly because of this, EPOsoft is very suitable for national and international companies wanting to streamline and optimize their automation instead of having to maintain a lot of different software.

EPOsoft ERP is employable from 1 user, in every company

EPOsoft can be employed from 1 user, and is not limited in user numbers, you can grow without any problems. EPOsoft cloud ERP contains functions useful for any company, such as customer and staff management. You can activate lots of modules, e.g. accountancy, sales, projects, services, wholesale, production, and many others.

Sector-specific modules available

We also have sector-specific ready-to-use modules, which are quickly employable, and give you an instant head start in numerous sectors. Your customers and competitors will be surprised too!

Unlimited number of companies and departments

With EPOsoft cloud ERP, you can manage an unlimited number of companies, departments and activities. This allows you to easily share costs, retain the overview, and optimize.

Ample choice of modules

You can start small and grow, you don’t need a huge installation.

Can be used locally or in the cloud

EPOsoft cloud ERP can be used and installed locally and in the cloud for you.

Runs on Windows, Apple and Android

There are 3 EPOsoft clients: windows client, web client and tablet client. You can use these interchangeably without any problems, and flexibly switch between your devices.


Our cloud ERP is cheaper than you think. 

10 reasons why you should choose our cloud ERP software

 1. EPOsoft has an extremely reliable basis
 2. The very recognizable interface creates productivity
 3. You can use it to build a complete and integrated cloud solution, including Office 365 and external document management if you want to – why look for too many different things when you can have everything together in 1 package with 1 supplier?
 4. You can grow and switch modularly as you wish
 5. You can go nationally and internationally and still remain uniform
 6. Our sector-specific modules give you a ready-to-go additional boost
 7. You can easily buy, rent, and switch between the 2 – you never need to reinvest
 8. You can use the solution through a windows, web or tablet client without an extra cost
 9. Fast implementations
 10. More affordable than you think

How much does EPOsoft cloud ERP cost?

EPOsoft cloud ERP has a modular pricing structure, in which the price is determined by the number of users and the specific modules that you wish to implement. You can acquire this solution in different licencing formulas (purchase, rent, finance,…) and choose whether you want us to implement this solution in your company or in the cloud. Your price is based on all of these parameters. 

If you get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to make you a custom offer.

How to implement EPOsoft cloud ERP, and how long does this take?

An EPOsoft cloud ERP implementation can happen very fast, but the implementation time depends amongst other things on the number of modules you wish to use. The more modules, the longe it takes. And the more complex your company’s set-up, the longer the implementation time.

An implementation in a matter of days and weeks is possible.

After analyzing your project, we will draft a project approach tailored to your project.

Trust our company with 38 years of experience in ERP, we work according to a tried-and-true methodology, and completely in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards.

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