EPOsoft is Offimac’s Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on including modules for rent, projects, services and HRM. Next to this you can also plug in other EPOsoft components for apps, webportals and graphical planning.

Based upon years of experience we know what companies in rental, projects and services need. And we know that in some industries all of these components are being used. So we put all of the functionalities into 1 Dynamics NAV add-on making it easy to power on the modules customers like.

EPOsoft can be used by every company in every industry (due to the HRM component), but the NAV add-on also has specific extra functions for rental management and rental administration, project calculation, project management, project financial dashboards, total service management from A to Z for multiple industries and planning.

The EPOsoft NAV add-on meets all the technical and functional requirements from Microsoft, and has been tested by external experts before it was awarded the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) quality label. Next to CfMD we are also an ISO company so our EPOsoft NAV add-on is built according to ISO9001 standards.

EPOsoft is built for "Efficient Powerful Organisations (EPO)".

WHY implement an NAV ADD-ON?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a very powerful business management software for small and medium companies. It has modules for almost every department like CRM, sales, marketing, finance and accounting, purchase, inventory, logistics, production and more.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is suited for many industries. But in some industries some extra essential industry functionalities are needed that are not available in standard NAV. So therefore we have built the EPOsoft NAV add-on.

EPOsoft has extra functions for rent, projects, HRM and services. And the EPOsoft NAV add-on is used in industries like rental, construction, installation, services companies, discrete manufacturing, ICT and many more.

The EPOsoft NAV add-on is built and maintained as a standard module and kept up-to-date with every version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Some of the main functionalities of our EPOsoft NAV add-on include:

RENT: Extended Renting Module  HRM: Each Company Has Staff
 CRM functions included by default 360° customer review Applicant management
Contract management Very detailed staff management
Very flexible pricing Hour and work schedules
Good availability overview Overview and approval of leaves
Reservations Expenses
Extensive history Assigned means
Supply orders + stocks Mobile phone, car and fuel card management
Stock management Competence management
Resource management Training management and planning
Planning Evaluation and functioning talks
Material usage ...
Invoicing and joint invoicing  
Cash flow management
Extensive reporting

Graphic planning and webshop  
PROJECTS: Extended Project Module SERVICES: For Service Management
Precalculations Graphic planning, route planning,...
Quotes Contract management
Public tenders Management of installations, yards, machines,...
Import/export of measurement data in Excel Management of service assignments, inspections,...
Price requests by suppliers/subcontractors Management of lighter projects
Subcontractors Extensive history
Supply orders Supply orders (+ stocks)
Stock management Stock management
Resource management Resource management
Extensive project management Planning
Planning Material usage
Activity planning Hour registrations
Hour registrations Invoicing
Link to Microsoft project (optional) Joint invoicing
Link to graphic planning (optional) Extensive reporting
Claims Link to project module
Invoicing Optional:
Extensive post-calculation management Mobile application for technicians
Link to external calculation software  
Graphic planning table  

Other plug-in components are available for: apps, graphical planning, webportals, document management, reporting and business intelligence.

Support, ROADMAP and lifecycle management for EPOsoft nav add-on

In this document you can find more information on the supporting services (helpdesk, SLA, management etc) for EPOsoft:


For the product roadmap of the EPOsoft NAV add-on, you can download the document below:

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